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about us

Traesti Luther is a fellow who writes songs. He's always done it, ever since he was just a little one. Philosophical songs. Love songs. Songs about nature and the truth. Each song more magical than the last! But he never ever showed them to anyone - nope! Secret songs.

Enter Alexandra Doumas, who was of course quite taken with this mysterious song-making guy. Well, they fell in love, and of course then the songs really started flowing. Traesti sang them for Alexandra. She got to hear all these fabulous songs. And she sang along. But she thought other people deserved to hear them too. 

Long story short, with a little help from their friends they recorded a sweet little album called BREAKING THE SPELL and everyone who heard it absolutely adored it. 

They began performing the songs in a band called THE LIVING ARROWS. Viva THE LIVING ARROWS as a vessel for the collective songs of its three core members! 

Thus TRAESTI DARLING is the home front of Traesti's songwriting and Alexandra's sometimes/often singing along, or playing drums or sax or tambourine or saw, or just holding the cat and swaying back and forth, depending on her mood.


We love to share music performance, workshops, and singalongs in any context. Please get in touch if you would like to book TRAESTI DARLING for a concert in your town.

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